Friday, 13 March 2009

Train Of Thought

<a href="">Train Of Thought by Dark Ofay Din</a>

I walk in and out of the dream to safeguard my objectivity. Weighing the for and against after careful scrutiny and allowing judgement to forward a thesis. I'm a man of complex taste but I enjoy the simplicities of life. I find understanding and knowledge to be the paths to enlightenment. Something set rules obscure with their tyrannous nature. Yet understanding often makes us take a side. To understand a view it must be seen, to grasp the motive of a story it must be heard in its entirety yet how does one remain impartial? Some would tell you to look at both sides of the story and overlook the possibility of both sides being rooted in lies. Others would have you choose a side because they believe it is the right side and very often their blinkered minds are contagious. Then of course we have those who simply don't care. I know them all well because I have been one and all of them over time. I learned my lessons and discovered a golden rule: One must retain an open mind with every living day.
So my story is a tale of battle. The everyday fight to remain a free thinker. A chase of demons and a search for serenity. The burdens of hope and the turmoil of obligation. The perils of what is closing the options of what could be. It is the complex weaving of a simple outcome. It is a lesson on how to become the enemy.