Friday, 13 March 2009

Hell Had More Fury

<a href="">Hell Had More Fury by Dark Ofay Din</a>

Being born and bred in Stab City didn't stop Subject C from having the airs and graces of Lady Muck. This impetuous child grew and developed between tantrums and metal health institutions until she became a chameleon.
Hiding her insanities behind manners and a few concepts she had read out of selective books. She ventured out in to the world with morals on her tongue and naivety in her demeanour. She could fool the masses in to believing her integrity and charm those left over so as to get her way. Her psychosis however made it impossible to hold this fa├žade indefinitely. After long periods of time in her presence her eyes would change and a chemical smell would come from her breath. She would start to curse and swear, scream then cry before going to a room to talk to herself. She could be seen on occasion in her night gown on the bonnet of a car driving at walking pace. Gripping the wipers she would be shouting at the driver that he should behave like a adult.