Friday, 13 March 2009


<a href="">Mysterium by Dark Ofay Din</a>

I walk through the asylum past those who make invisible beings their reason to live. How I pity their small damaged minds as they kneel before their ignorance and pray for absolution. Some were brainwashed from infancy, others became too weak to face the world and rushed to the brainwashed to find a reason to live. The fantasy spreads like a malignant lump in the bosom of motherhood destroying the very purpose of our being. Any universal code is lost in opinions and interpretations. Any positive progress towards a balanced existence is replaced by hearsay and the general acceptance of orders.
Madmen and idiots build towering monuments to glory their folly. They speak words of sharing and loving or destroying those who do not follow. They practice dictatorships founded on myth and only compromise at the threat of losing all power. History has shown the results of those who choose faith as their path yet we find ourselves once again ruled by the insane fantasies of dogma.