Monday, 14 March 2011

Price Of Life

The seed of war
Planted in this spirit of mine
Neither falters or wanes
Through experience or time

Educated by the fist
And words of contempt
I drive by aggression
And a cartridge well spent

Some call it murder
But it’s part of the game
Be it business or politics
Their luxury is your pain

I am but a tool
A sword for some master
They pay me my fee
To write your last chapter

All for the wealthy
Life as part of the sum
I hold my chin high
To the beat of a drum

Thursday, 26 August 2010

R.V. transcription I

The following text is the first of four transcripts taken from video footage of the D.I. Simon Ryzar. It is the only section where Ryzar is not reading A4 documents. This is the man in his natural element. The documents he is holding on the video footage have since been retrieved and match perfectly with transcripts II, III and IV.


“Right. It’s just the three cases we’re dealing with right?”



Clears voice

“So…the dead kid, the freak show and that merc bastard and that’s us then”

Lights a cigarette,

“I’d feel more relaxed if I could talk about those four clowns who put bubble bath in the park fountain. I’d never seen suds like it. I remember one of them was so drunk he was getting pushed around in a shopping trolley by the others.
We got them on CCTV chasing a guy dressed up like a giant rabbit. You can imagine the picture. A grown man dressed as fluffy the bunny legging it up a main street and being chased by a shopping trolley containing a drunk, propelled by another grown man wearing suspenders and high heals. One of them ran in to a lamp post. They caused utter havoc before they got arrested. We had to redirect traffic and it took the best part of a week to get the fountain working right again. They didn’t feel so clever when they woke up in prison cells mind you. One of them had lost control of his bowels overnight. He woke up behind bars, hung over and covered in his own shit. I bet his mother was proud.
They were all grown men as well. All had good jobs, they just went a bit crazy. That demon drink eh.
Anyway they got off pretty lightly. They paid for the damages so I suppose no real harm was done. Bruised egos and a few embarrassing photos.


“Ok, are we ready to roll?”

N.B.: The case of the man in the rabbit suit is not mentioned in any of the retrieved documents.

R.V. transcription II

The following text is the second transcript taken from video footage of the D.I. Simon Ryzar. At this point in time it seems to be unrelated to the other events mentioned.


George Craymer had been listed as a missing person for nearly a decade before his corpse was discovered in the living area of a rented flat. He had reached his demise by an intravenous injection of heroin. The autopsy revealed that he had been a drug addict for a certain number of years and his death showed no signs of fowl play. His family however pushed for further investigation in to the case. They couldn’t comprehend why George, at the age of 18 had left home to go to study at university and then simply disappear. They described him as a happy and ambitious young man who was looking forward to a bright future. They were convinced that he had fallen in with the wrong crowd and that he had been led astray towards an untimely death.
Upon further investigation it was revealed that George had been far from the innocent teenager his family had described. He had decided that a life of crime was far more lucrative than a university degree. Using his student loan as a primary fund he bought a large quantity of opiates which he then resold to a local Glasgow gang (Members of which are now currently behind bars). With the profit he made he decided to cut all contact with his past and concentrate on the resell of narcotics.
At some point he acquired the taste for his own produce which would ultimately be his downfall. It was a classic case of a young man clever enough to dodge the law but not smart enough to know when to stop.
The investigation in to his death has provided several leads on the drug running fraternity within the greater Glasgow area. We do know that the final dose of heroin that killed George Craymer was not purchased by himself. It was also witnessed that a man of similar build to the deceased was seen leaving the accommodation where George was later found. The autopsy noted that this unknown individual would have been present shortly after the passing of Craymer. We suspect that he was the one to have provided the lethal dose of narcotics. However all indications show that it was Craymer who prepared and injected the drug. The dose was not suspiciously large but the heroin was of purer quality than the usual street drug.
This unknown individual is our missing link and we are hoping that they will hand themselves in to the nearest police station for an interview. We need to find the exact origin of this purer product before anyone else gets hurt. This individual may have key information that would help us dismantle an ever increasing drug problem that is spreading throughout the country. We only want to talk to this person. No criminal charges are being pressed so please, if you are watching this, come forward and find us before we find you.

R.V. transcription III

The following text is the third transcript taken from video footage of the D.I. Simon Ryzar. Warning! This transcript depicts violence that may disturb.


In two thousand and five there were several murders in the city of Glasgow that we know were perpetrated by the same person. All victims were found with their thumbs tied behind their backs. They had been executed by a razor sharp blade that had severed their jugulars. These murders took place over a ten day period and at first we thought they were gang related. However, even though all of the victims except one had criminal records. Their crimes were minor offences that varied from shop lifting to drunken brawls and there was no evidence of any of them taking part in organised crime. The victims had no connection between them other than they were murdered by the same person in an almost ceremonial fashion. We did consider this case as possible serial killings but recent leads have suggested that these were contract killings. We suspect that the murderer has a military background and left the country shortly after his crimes. Certain people whose identity I cannot disclose have come forward with information that is most certainly related to this case. We have discovered new evidence of financial transfers of set amounts to a specific bank account that started one week before the first murder. We have yet to clarify the reason the victims were chosen but it is certain that they were targeted in a cold and calculated manner. Forensic evidence suggests that the murderer is at least 6 foot tall and of muscular build. Each victim was killed by one forceful stabbing to the neck which would of required great precision and strength. Our recent profile presents the killer as being a male of thirty to forty years of age. Most likely Caucasian and of a calm and reserved nature. This is someone who plans and executes with minute detail and will not anger easily. Despite their physical presence it is most likely that they go unnoticed and keep themselves to themselves.
There is also one very disturbing fact to these killings. The nature of the wounds inflicted would of resulted in a large amount of blood loss. However very little blood was found with the bodies. It would appear that once the main artery in the victims neck had been severed the blood was collected in some form of receptacle. We have no doubt that the victims were murdered where their bodies were found but have no explanation for the absence of so much blood.

R.V. transcription IV

The following text is the forth transcript taken from video footage of the D.I. Simon Ryzar. It is proof that Ryzar was in some way involved in an underground experiment called: Cerebrum Electrine.


After nearly 20 years on the force I have dealt with everything from stolen bicycles to multiple murders. For a while I was on the narcotics team which in time bridged me over to homicides. I must admit I thought I had seen just about everything but then we pulled in a woman who didn’t have any form of ID. What should have been a clean case of an illegal immigrant bordered more on the lines of science fiction. I got a phone call from one of the boys saying we had a real strange case on our hands. He said they had ran blood tests on this woman and the results came out as water mixed with LSD. They couldn’t find any cell structure or anything other than the drug and purified water. He said the woman was conscious and showed absolutely no signs of being under the influence of any form of drug and then he said that she had told him to call me.
I knew there would be a logical explanation to this whole thing but I really had to go and see for myself. So I met this woman, she told me she was called Claire and that I should really be letting her go. I called in some of the boys and told them to take another blood sample in front of me. This was done and the samples went off for analysis. I sat with Claire and tried to get her to talk while waiting for the new results. She rambled on about being the next step in human evolution. That she could communicate with machines and even that she could see the future. At one point she nearly had me going as she told me things about myself that very few others know. However when the test results came back there was nothing unusual about her blood. She was just a standard A+. We got her stripped and found a false vein that had been cleverly disguised to blend in with her arm. The first blood test had tapped in to the fake vein and found her drug stash. I did have to ask the boys if they knew what colour blood was to which they replied that they just thought there was something wrong with her.
Anyway we booked her on possession of an illegal substance and that was our mystery case solved.

N.B.: Some unusual occurrence appeared towards the end of the raw video footage. This was not a technical glitch.