Thursday, 26 August 2010

R.V. transcription II

The following text is the second transcript taken from video footage of the D.I. Simon Ryzar. At this point in time it seems to be unrelated to the other events mentioned.


George Craymer had been listed as a missing person for nearly a decade before his corpse was discovered in the living area of a rented flat. He had reached his demise by an intravenous injection of heroin. The autopsy revealed that he had been a drug addict for a certain number of years and his death showed no signs of fowl play. His family however pushed for further investigation in to the case. They couldn’t comprehend why George, at the age of 18 had left home to go to study at university and then simply disappear. They described him as a happy and ambitious young man who was looking forward to a bright future. They were convinced that he had fallen in with the wrong crowd and that he had been led astray towards an untimely death.
Upon further investigation it was revealed that George had been far from the innocent teenager his family had described. He had decided that a life of crime was far more lucrative than a university degree. Using his student loan as a primary fund he bought a large quantity of opiates which he then resold to a local Glasgow gang (Members of which are now currently behind bars). With the profit he made he decided to cut all contact with his past and concentrate on the resell of narcotics.
At some point he acquired the taste for his own produce which would ultimately be his downfall. It was a classic case of a young man clever enough to dodge the law but not smart enough to know when to stop.
The investigation in to his death has provided several leads on the drug running fraternity within the greater Glasgow area. We do know that the final dose of heroin that killed George Craymer was not purchased by himself. It was also witnessed that a man of similar build to the deceased was seen leaving the accommodation where George was later found. The autopsy noted that this unknown individual would have been present shortly after the passing of Craymer. We suspect that he was the one to have provided the lethal dose of narcotics. However all indications show that it was Craymer who prepared and injected the drug. The dose was not suspiciously large but the heroin was of purer quality than the usual street drug.
This unknown individual is our missing link and we are hoping that they will hand themselves in to the nearest police station for an interview. We need to find the exact origin of this purer product before anyone else gets hurt. This individual may have key information that would help us dismantle an ever increasing drug problem that is spreading throughout the country. We only want to talk to this person. No criminal charges are being pressed so please, if you are watching this, come forward and find us before we find you.