Thursday, 26 August 2010

R.V. transcription IV

The following text is the forth transcript taken from video footage of the D.I. Simon Ryzar. It is proof that Ryzar was in some way involved in an underground experiment called: Cerebrum Electrine.


After nearly 20 years on the force I have dealt with everything from stolen bicycles to multiple murders. For a while I was on the narcotics team which in time bridged me over to homicides. I must admit I thought I had seen just about everything but then we pulled in a woman who didn’t have any form of ID. What should have been a clean case of an illegal immigrant bordered more on the lines of science fiction. I got a phone call from one of the boys saying we had a real strange case on our hands. He said they had ran blood tests on this woman and the results came out as water mixed with LSD. They couldn’t find any cell structure or anything other than the drug and purified water. He said the woman was conscious and showed absolutely no signs of being under the influence of any form of drug and then he said that she had told him to call me.
I knew there would be a logical explanation to this whole thing but I really had to go and see for myself. So I met this woman, she told me she was called Claire and that I should really be letting her go. I called in some of the boys and told them to take another blood sample in front of me. This was done and the samples went off for analysis. I sat with Claire and tried to get her to talk while waiting for the new results. She rambled on about being the next step in human evolution. That she could communicate with machines and even that she could see the future. At one point she nearly had me going as she told me things about myself that very few others know. However when the test results came back there was nothing unusual about her blood. She was just a standard A+. We got her stripped and found a false vein that had been cleverly disguised to blend in with her arm. The first blood test had tapped in to the fake vein and found her drug stash. I did have to ask the boys if they knew what colour blood was to which they replied that they just thought there was something wrong with her.
Anyway we booked her on possession of an illegal substance and that was our mystery case solved.

N.B.: Some unusual occurrence appeared towards the end of the raw video footage. This was not a technical glitch.