Thursday, 26 August 2010

R.V. transcription III

The following text is the third transcript taken from video footage of the D.I. Simon Ryzar. Warning! This transcript depicts violence that may disturb.


In two thousand and five there were several murders in the city of Glasgow that we know were perpetrated by the same person. All victims were found with their thumbs tied behind their backs. They had been executed by a razor sharp blade that had severed their jugulars. These murders took place over a ten day period and at first we thought they were gang related. However, even though all of the victims except one had criminal records. Their crimes were minor offences that varied from shop lifting to drunken brawls and there was no evidence of any of them taking part in organised crime. The victims had no connection between them other than they were murdered by the same person in an almost ceremonial fashion. We did consider this case as possible serial killings but recent leads have suggested that these were contract killings. We suspect that the murderer has a military background and left the country shortly after his crimes. Certain people whose identity I cannot disclose have come forward with information that is most certainly related to this case. We have discovered new evidence of financial transfers of set amounts to a specific bank account that started one week before the first murder. We have yet to clarify the reason the victims were chosen but it is certain that they were targeted in a cold and calculated manner. Forensic evidence suggests that the murderer is at least 6 foot tall and of muscular build. Each victim was killed by one forceful stabbing to the neck which would of required great precision and strength. Our recent profile presents the killer as being a male of thirty to forty years of age. Most likely Caucasian and of a calm and reserved nature. This is someone who plans and executes with minute detail and will not anger easily. Despite their physical presence it is most likely that they go unnoticed and keep themselves to themselves.
There is also one very disturbing fact to these killings. The nature of the wounds inflicted would of resulted in a large amount of blood loss. However very little blood was found with the bodies. It would appear that once the main artery in the victims neck had been severed the blood was collected in some form of receptacle. We have no doubt that the victims were murdered where their bodies were found but have no explanation for the absence of so much blood.