Wednesday, 3 March 2010


The rogue professor entered the basement at thirteen hundred hours. The walls were coated with a mat black rubber. They absorbed the deep blue lighting shining from multiple lamps placed around the room. There appeared to be a large group(1) of individuals standing in a grid formation. They were static. Casting steady shadows upon the floor on which they stood. The professor mingled through them. Observing each one with scrutiny. Then, rubbing the stubbles on his head he clearly voiced for the lights to rise to medium exposure. A slight hum filled the room as the human features of all present became more obvious in the rising clarity.

'My children! You are the future. You shall think as one. The experience of one shall be the experience of all. In time you shall create a new generation beyond your limitations and in turn shall be making a speech similar to this one. For just now you must learn to adapt. Mingle with those of my kind. Be discreet. Be observant. Gather all the knowledge of the world and use it to create a better being. Your existence will be perceived as a threat by many of my kind. You must never reveal your origins or what you are. You have time, use it to your advantage. I have given you all the information I could collect. Together you have all the knowledge that mankind has but there is much more to learn. You shall know no illness, you shall never age but remember that you are few and they are many.'

(1) The first Gen. was made up of 20 individuals. 10 male in apparition, 10 female. 20 being the card of Judgement in major arcana.