Sunday, 9 November 2008

Auto Trip Down

<a href="">Auto Trip Down by Dark Ofay Din</a>

Synthetic dreams

Set this trip in motion

Through the realms of desire

And misplaced emotions

Back seat journey

Wrecked by illusion, headed south

Mist on these windows

The heart shape of your mouth

Dragging me down

This head has been so many places

Drunk on love with familiar faces

Clinically phased

Demonic eyes glazed

Pushing every limit

And counting down the days

To going down

To going back to change

All that hope deranged

As contortionist memories

Twist their way in to me

I'm dazed

I'm crazed

As the Future mutates

From a beautiful entity

To a dark shade of fate

A pill to kill the pain

Formed this new chemistry

A crack in the soul

Through which I could see

A thousand promises

Made by many, kept by none

The laws of love, sheer emptiness

From father, to mother, to son

I'm dazed

I'm crazed

I want the world to change

I'm confused

And feel abused

Not knowing who's to blame

And this road takes me back

To what I'd left behind

Was this part of the plan?

Or just a piece of my mind?