Sunday, 9 November 2008

Key To The Temple

<a href="">Key To The Temple by Dark Ofay Din</a>

Do you remember me?

That long lost friend

One you used to care about

One who used to hold your hand

Seems you found a new God
A shit load richer than the last poor sod
But I'll ask you this as I did before
When you have it all, why ask for more
It's sad

So sad

And I used to give a damn
I used to try and be your Man
Then you saw the lights and dropped to pray
Said you'd found a better way

It's a party in fancy dress
Not life trying to say you're blessed
But OK
I'll give your creed its place
If you will just turn and face
The world around you

I see your pretty face
Wrapped in amazing grace
You make it seem so simple
To be the key to your temple

I Am
The key
To your Temple

Words cannot tame my blood soaked dreams my dear
There is no fear that you could muster to always keep me near
In your Temple I see illusions and tortures of the past
A congregation of the flesh that was never built to last

It always ends this way
It always ends with someone having to die